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What if men could really understand what women want. Is it even possible? And if it was, would their heads implode? Join comics Kimberley Datnow and Peter Bazely this summer, as they explore the ins and outs of What Women Want. This two-handed comic performance will take a whirlwind ride through the female psyche, as seen from both sides of the gender divide. Expect comic songs, special guests and a hilarious tag team of two award-winning comics as your hosts. 

Whether it's discovering how the love lives of lobsters might have some useful sex tips for our menfolk, or ugly laughing your way through the world's most awkward dating tales, What Women Want will be just as fun and a lot more dangerous than a Downing Street party. Book early to avoid disappointment.


“... His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter... ” (The Church Times)

“... an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with a dinky guitar and an un-flashy confidence.” (Chortle)

“Distinctive stuff... ” (Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke)

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